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2019 Boston Volleyball Festival

02/25/2019, 9:00am EST

SMASH 14s & Boys 17s Chaos champions at NE's big event!


In its 6th year, the Boston Volleyball Festival remains the premier event on the New England volleyball calendar, and the only tournament in the country featuring junior boys, junior girls, and adult competition.

SMASH Volleyball Club had the biggest presence on the club side, with 24 total teams participating in three days of strong competition.

SMASH Boys 17s Chaos were tournament champions in 17 Boys Club, with SMASH Boys 18s and SMASH Boys 16s Ice each finishing 2nd in 18 Boys Club and 16 Boys Club respectively.  SMASH Boys 16s finished 3rd in 17 Boys Club, and SMASH Boys 14s finished 3rd in 15 Boys Club.

On the Girls side, SMASH had two of the top three New England teams in the highest division of play in U12 through U16!  Plus, the top New England team in 18 Open, 18 USA, and 17 Open!

SMASH 14s were tournament champions in 14 Open, and SMASH 17s finished 2nd in 17 Open.  SMASH 13s and SMASH 12s each tied for third in 13 USA and 12 USA respectively.  SMASH 18s and SMASH 14s Fire each won the Silver bracket of 18 Open and 14 Open respectively.  SMASH 16s, SMASH 16s eXtreme, SMASH 13s Thunder, and SMASH 12s Energy all recorded Gold bracket finishes.  Click here for full SMASH Girls results

For the Boys, their juniors season concludes Saturday March 2 with the NERVA Championships, while the Girls begin their NERVA Series on Sunday March 3. 

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches for a fantastic Festival weekend!

SMASH Boys 17s Chaos were Champions of Boys 17 Club!

SMASH 13s tied for 3rd in 13 USA Gold!

SMASH 18s won 18 Open Silver!

SMASH 14s were Champions of 14 Open, and SMASH 14s Fire won 14 Open Silver!

SMASH 12s tied for 3rd in 12 USA Gold!

SMASH 18s Blizzard won 18 American Bronze!

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