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Golden Formula: 4Au(16+18)=N3

03/26/2018, 10:15am EDT

NERVA II Alchemy As SMASH Moves Four Teams Into Both Open Gold Divisions


SMASH Volleyball Club's sixteen travel teams competed in ten tournaments throughout New England at NERVA II on March 25.

SMASH 18s, 18s Jets, and SMASH 12s all won their tournaments, with 18s Attack, SMASH 16s, 16s eXtreme, and 15s Power all finishing second.  12/16 teams made the semi-finals or higher.

In an unprecedented scenario in New England club volleyball, a single club will have four teams each in 18 Open Gold and 16 Open Gold at NERVA III.

SMASH 18s, 18s Attack, and SMASH 17s placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in 18 Open Gold, and will be joined by 18s Jets, who won 18 Open Silver.

SMASH 16s, 16s Sparks, and SMASH 15s occupy three of the top five positions in 16 Open Gold, and will be joined by 16s eXtreme, finalists in 16 Open Silver.

Congratulations to SMASH 12s, who traveled to Maine and won the 12A division!

Next up for nine SMASH teams is a trip to Atlanta, GA over Easter weekend for the Big South National Qualifier. 

SMASH 12s were NERVA II champions of 12A!

SMASH 18s Jets were NERVA II champions of 18 Open Silver!

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