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Information about College Recruiting

College Recruiting At SMASH
As the top club in the region, SMASH has many players go on to successful college careers. Even players who don't play for dominant volleyball programs can use volleyball to help with admissions at highly-selective schools. Finding the right fit is not always easy, however.
SMASH is proud of the success of our alumni in college and thrilled to help families with the college recruiting process. 
Premium Recruiting Services:
Highlight Film Packages - SMASH will take raw game footage and create a personalized recruiting package that includes slow motion and full speed highlights for the student-athlete with spot shadowing of the player to accompany a match film. 
Skills Session Film - SMASH will conduct a 2 hour skill session with the goal of producing a video of the student-athlete demonstrating her skills in a controlled environment. SMASH will tailor this video to the individual needs of the student-athlete. 

Free resources provided to all SMASH families:

* Start with our Online Recruiting Guide - this is a step-by-step guide for SMASH families created with assistance from local D1, D2 and D3 coaches. It includes a timeline for the process as well as suggestions for how to handle various parts of the process like talking to coaches, using video, and other do's and don'ts.

* Raw Game Film hosted by SMASH

* A Player Profile Page hosted by SMASH. Instead of paying a recruiting company for this service, SMASH will customize each player's profile page to include: video, academic information (transcripts, scores, college preferences) contact information for high school and club coach, player and family contact info and any other information a player would like to have on their profile including accolades and honors, resume, personal statement. To get started with this process, fill out the questionnaire at this link (link to recruiting form) and contact SMASH to customize your page.

* Assistance Networking with College Coaches - SMASH will talk with the coaches of the colleges you have contacted, meet with any coaches who stop by your court, and help you with your own outreach.