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Information about College Recruiting

College Recruiting At SMASH
As the top club in the region, SMASH has many players go on to successful college careers. Even players who don't play for dominant volleyball programs can use volleyball to help with admissions at highly-selective schools. Finding the right fit is not always easy, however.

SMASH is proud of the success of our alumni in college and thrilled to help families with the college recruiting process. 

What YOU should do:

- Read the recruiting guide on this website. 

- Be proactive and communicate with colleges early and often. Don't wait for a coach to randomly notice you at a tournament. See the recruiting guide for advice about how to communicate with coaches.

- Talk with your SMASH coach for advice and make sure your coach knows what colleges you are communicating with.

What SMASH will do:

- Help you communicate with coaches, give advice, and speak with coaches on your behalf after you have already contacted that coach.

- Host a profile page that will tell coaches about you and link to any recruiting page you have on your own.

- Provide practice or match video for you to use