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SMASH Girls Travel Team Program Information

The SMASH Volleyball Philosophy

SMASH Volleyball was established in 1988 by our founders, Judy Slamin and Richard Barton.  As two of the pioneers of youth volleyball in New England, they formed SMASH to provide an environment where highly motivated, talented athletes could get the training and competition needed to help them excel in high school and collegiate sports, and as people.  Over the years, SMASH has been very successful in fulfilling this goal in many tangible ways.

SMASH players are trained at the highest level possible, and, as a result, our teams have had unparalleled success in the New England Region. Our teams have qualified for Open Nationals, won countless regional titles, and our athletes have continued to play and have success at the collegiate level for many years.

In addition to our training goals, true to Richard and Judy's values as educators and ambassadors of the sport of volleyball, we place a strong emphasis on creating positive group dynamics, encouraging  relentless motivation, and empowering our young athletes to be strong individuals within our community. SMASH is fun and motivating and our athletes often develop a love for volleyball that extends well into their adult lives. We have a lot of pride in the large network of SMASH alumni that are still connected to the volleyball world as players, coaches, officials, or administrators.

Here are some of the reasons SMASH is THE juniors club in all of New England - 

Our Coaches

Perhaps our greatest asset, our coaches are some of the best coaches from across the state of Massachusetts.  The amount of experience in our gym is immense. Importantly, we ensure all of our teams have two strong, capable adult coaches, who are both knowledgeable and experienced in coaching. Our current coaching staff includes coaches who are:

  • PREMIER and highly successful high school and college volleyball coaches
  • Former college volleyball players
  • League, Regional, ISL, and Massachusetts State champions as coaches
  • Many Boston Globe Coach of the Year award winners
  • MGVCA Hall of Fame Members

Our training

We work hard to stay attuned to the best and most effective ways of motor learning and skill development. Our coaches attend trainings and we have coaches' educational opportunities throughout the year which help make sure our athletes are being trained at the highest level. One of our main beliefs is that "the game teaches the game," and we spend a lot of time in practice coaching in game-like scenarios and drills. One of the major advantages of SMASH is the intra-club competition at practice. Because we have multiple strong teams at every age group, our practices often host some of the highest intensity, highest level volleyball in New England. We believe our practice environments are integral to the long-term success of our athletes.


Our travel schedules are varied depending on the age and level of the team.  Nearly 90% of our teams will take at least one trip by plane to compete with their team each year.  At SMASH, some of the best, life-long memories are made at these trips. Players often room together, have team meals, and explore the city under the supervision of their coaches or a chaperone. SMASH athletes regularly find some of their best friends at our program and we believe the hotel stays and team bonding we invest in plays a major role in the development of these relationships. Our teams have traveled to the following cities, among others - 

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Orlando, FL
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Denver, CO
  • Dallas, TX
  • Los Angeles, CA

Open to New Players

Did you know SMASH has NEVER had a team stay exactly the same from one year to the next?  We welcome new players into our gym at all age levels every year who have not been affiliated with SMASH. It may seem intimidating to tryout at SMASH, but we are always open to new players. Click Here for Tryout Information for '24-25 season.

Exposure & Reputation

Are you interested in playing volleyball after high school? SMASH is one of the few clubs in New England that is well recognized by college coaches. We provide assistance and guidance to athletes and their families about the recruiting process. Our athletes regularly graduate from SMASH and go on to play in college at the Division 1, 2, or 3 level. Click Here for a list of our Alumni