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June 21, 2020

Dear SMASH players and families,

Coronavirus concerns interrupted the momentum of you volleyball athletes and the entire program of SMASH Volleyball.  Here is a goal of SMASH in the midst of this unique time: stay confident, athletic, and informed.  You are as smart and athletic as ever, and will be ready to go when conditions allow.

--> Until much more clarity exists, SMASH Volleyball will not be running programs, sponsoring, registering, or organizing teams, supplying coaches, or entering events.

We have constantly followed developments in COVID-19 research, statistics, precautions, and protocol.  As of June 21 too many of the most basic questions concerning this disease are unanswered or don't have enough data.  These include questions of infection rates, antibody rates, effectiveness of antibodies, effectiveness of current protocols, % of asymptomatic carriers, effect of the coronavirus on teenagers, etc...

HOWEVER - There are a variety of summer volleyball offerings that do exist: outdoor doubles training, competition and leagues, clinics and camps, and indoor 6's competition.  If a player/family wants to enter, the registration and payment details are handled by the family.  Participation is the responsibility of the family, with knowledge of the program-specific protocol and of the risks involved (and the benefits).  [Note: You could do an activity with other SMASH players, even including SMASH coaches... but at this time there are no "official" SMASH activities, just like-minded, safety-conscious individuals.]

--> Your coaches ALL want to be coaching.  When we do get going again SMASH Volleyball Club will again be such a challenging and rewarding place to be.


Richard Barton

    The original five weeks of SMASH Summer Camps are canceled due to COVID-19.

    Please stay tuned for future info regarding any late-summer camp or clinic possibilities.

    We will miss our 2020 campers and coaches - please stay safe and healthy!