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SMASH  in These Days    (updated 3/31/20)

    Throughout SMASH, New England, and the US there is hopefulness about volleyball continuing this season. The earliest possible start dates are mid-May (NERVA) and on the Memorial Day weekend, then early June, and continuing through the AAU and USAV Nationals in late June/early July. The tournaments include RI Rumble, various AAU, Big South.  

    The various organizations have been making plans, including reserving convention centers, hotels, etc, just in case.  At this time ‘the country’ is waiting for more information.   

    SMASH Volleyball Club will remain primarily cautious and will respect the health of our players and their families, as well as that of the coaches (!)

    Here are 2 links to Coronavirus updates:

  1.   USAV's COVID-19 page: 

  2. NERVA's COVID-19 page:

    SMASH is planning to wait 5-6 weeks (early -> mid-May) to make final decisions about the status of our season.  These decisions could be specific to a particular team. Some teams may play no further, some may compete further. 

  When each specific team’s season is completed, SMASH will calculate the fair and accurate financial accounting for each family.

    • Angle Of Attack

    • 03/02/2020, 8:15am EST , By SMASH
    • SMASH Girls lift off at NERVA I with 18 Gold and 16 Bronze wins
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