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    SMASH Weather Policy

    Generally when our gyms remain open, and travel nearby remains safe, SMASH will try to hold practices, BUT because our families come from a wide geographic area, each family should make its own determination of whether travel is safe where YOU live.

    Scorekeeper and Referee Training for Players

    When we act as the work team, we need to provide R2, scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreboard operator, and line judges.

    Here is a link to the region's instructions for juniors to take officiating courses.

    Here is a video on how to be an R2.

    College Recruiting Q&A

    On Monday 1/3/2022, SMASH hosted a recruiting Q&A session with New York University head coach Andrew Brown, Bentley University head coach Joey Pacis, and Babson College head coach Eric Neely.  View the recording here.