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Guide to Recruiting Videos


If you want to be recruited by a college, it is very helpful to have video of yourself that you can easily send to the coach. Youtube is an excellent resource for this. Depending on how public you want your video to be, Youtube offers 3 levels of privacy:

  • Public – anyone can search for and view your video
  • Unlisted – anyone who has the link can see it, but it won’t come up when people search for you
  • Private – only people you have given permission can view the video

Making videos: The easiest thing to do is just film a match at one of your tournaments for SMASH. The best angle is directly behind the endline your team serves from. Super high quality cameras are not necessary, but a tripod helps. A cell phone camera can even work if you have some way to keep it still (maybe attach a car mount to a tripod or use binder clips to improvise).

Some college coaches will want to see a skills video, although most of the time real game footage is best. If a coach asks for skills videos, ask your SMASH coach and he/she can either help or refer you to someone who can assist.