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SMASH 2022 Summer Camps

SMASH Volleyball is presenting our 32nd Year of Skill and Competition Clinics

  • These clinics are unique in New England because of concentration on specific skills and high coach ratio.

  • Each clinic runs 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, with one hour for lunch. This requires 6 hours of activity each day for 4 days: 24 hours of strongly coached, demanding drills.

  • For both Boys and Girls.

  • We will have a Certified, full-time trainer for each week!

  • Location: See Below for each Clinic's Location!!

  • We are considering adding a 6th week of training, August 8 - 12! Stay Tuned for more information!

  • ALL SMASH Clinics reached maximum capacity by June 15th last year. Three of the five weeks were full by May 1st! Register today!

  • 24 hours of training is equivalent to two months of club training (or more!) - and you will receive very specific, personalized feedback! 

  • SMASH is the top-performing club in New England in both Girls and Boys Volleyball and has been for many years!



For Boy and Girl Athletes High School and Younger


All-Skills Week: July 11- July 14, 2022              

Location: The Mill Works in Westford

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to attend! All ages are welcome!!


SMASH was the Top New England Club in Boys Volleyball and in Girls Volleyball (more than 70 Clubs!)


Setter Week: July 18 - July 21, 2022 

Location: The Mill Works in Westford

Thousands of supervised sets: front sets - back sets –  jump sets - middle sets - play sets –

setter tips -  set bad passes - footwork patterns – right-side defense, attacking, blocking –

leadership skills - mental training - offensive strategy

SMASH players comprised more than half of Volleyball All-Scholastics

Attacker Week: July 25 - July 28, 2022 

Location: The Mill Works in Westford


  Hundreds of reinforced powerful swings - proper approach and footwork –

efficient arm swing -correct hand contact - wrist snap -    Hit power with topspin - hit crosscourt,

line, cut shots, tips,  roll shots,   1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, slides, back row attacks

- attacking from the left, middle, right – PLUS blocking!

 This Week is Sold Out!

SMASH Boys 18’s and 16’s are New England Champions….the 18’s have won 2 consecutive National Bids

 Defense & Serve Receive Week:  Aug 1 - Aug 4, 2022 

The Mill Works in Westford


Dig spikes - pass serve and free balls -  emergency skills (sprawls, extensions, dives, rolls) –

-  Pass serves and attacks overhead - blocking - covering under the block –   transition to attack –  

Dig and Pass all day – Become indispensable! - The most FUN week, and the most demanding!


SMASH is recognized as the top Juniors Club in New England and in 12's, 14's, 16’s, 17’s, and 18’s, one of very top in the Northeast.

 Tryout Prep & Competition: Aug 15- Aug 18, 2022 

Location: The Mill Works in Westford

This Week is Sold Out!


           Learn to how to compete and become an indispensable all-around player

Play 2's, 3's, 4's, and 6's and receive training in all offensive and defensive systems!

Learn how to apply good techniques in actual game action

Relentlessly compete and train yourself to have a killer volleyball instinct

The Best Clinic to Attend for High School/Club Tryout Preparation!!

"The game teaches the game" - John Kessel

About the clinics:
SMASH Volleyball has run, for 32 years, a set of intensive-training for High School Boy and Girl Athletes.
These clinics are unique in New England because of their intensity, and, extended concentration on specific skills.
SMASH Camp must comply with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the local board of health (The Town of Westford Board of Health)
All Parents have the right to review all SMASH Camp Policies and Procedures, including review of Staff Background Checks, Health Care Policy, Discipline Policy, and Grievance Procedures.
Each week requires 6 hours of drills each day for 4 days: 24 hours of strongly coached, demanding volleyball drills ! All of our weeks fill early!
We have a Nationally-Certified, full time trainer for each week, each site!

Register for SMASH Summer Clinics

   To Register for SMASH Clinics:
1]    See text box on top of this page
2]    2022 SMASH Clinic Release Form (Fill out and email to 
3] 2022 USAV Medical Form (Fill out and email to
4] Up-to-date Physical with Immunization Information (email copy to

QUESTIONS?: Contact Konstantin Dimov 

Please fill out the two forms below and email to

In addition to the above forms, please email a copy of the athlete's up-to-date physical, including all immunizations to

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