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SMASH-ing Success!

Highlights from the 2018 season...


In 2018 SMASH had the highest-ranked 10s, 14s, 15s, 17s, and 18s teams in New England, plus the second-ranked 13s and 16s, plus the third-ranked 12s!

SMASH won New England regional titles in U18 (SMASH 17s) and U14 (SMASH 14s Fire)

SMASH Volleyball Club won over 30 tournaments in 2018 and finished with:

4 of the top 8 teams in NERVA U18 (17s, Attack, 18s, Jets)

4 of the top 9 teams in NERVA U16 (16s, Sparks, eXtreme, 15s)

3 of the top 14 teams in NERVA U14 (Fire, 13s, Ice)

3 of the top 13 teams in NERVA U12 (12s, Energy, 10s)

Recent New England Regional Champions (major age groups)...

U14 Gold U16 Open Gold U18 Open Gold
2018 SMASH 14s Fire SMASH 17s
2017 SMASH 16s Kai SMASH 18s
2016 SMASH 14s Fire SMASH 15s SMASH 18s
2015 SMASH 13s SMASH 16s
2014 SMASH 17s
2013 SMASH 14s Fire SMASH 16s SMASH 18s
2012 SMASH 14s SMASH 16s SMASH 18s

2019 SMASH 11s!

2018 SMASH 10s = the first-ever SMASH 10s!

2017 SMASH 11s = the first-ever SMASH 11s!

2019 SMASH 18s won an Open bid to USAV Nationals!

2018 SMASH 17s = NE U18 champs + won bid to USAV Nationals!

2017 SMASH 18s = NE U18 champs!