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SMASH 17's

Regular Season 2016-2017
2016-2017 x Regular Season

SMASH 17's after strong practice, Dec. 19

Pressure Performance

Pressure is complex, and interesting.   It makes some players nervous - which often leads to making sloppy mistakes and generally under-performing. For others, pressure increases their concentration. They focus their efforts and as a result, perform to the best of their abilities.  So what separates those who flourish from those who wilt under pressure?

Research suggests that how you perceive a situation can impact on how you think, feel and perform during it.  If it is your interpretation that matters,  how you react to pressure is YOUR choice.

A player can interpret a situation as either a ‘challenge’ or a ‘threat’. Those who react well under pressure are said to be in ‘the challenge state’ whereas those who don’t are in ‘the threat state’. The challenge state is associated with an increase in adrenaline, whereas the threat state is associated with an increase in the stress hormone, cortisol.

Which state you are in has significant consequences, as they have been found to influence how much effort you put in, your concentration levels and finally, how well you perform under pressure.

How do you get yourself into a challenge state before a big event? Research suggests that the best ways to do this include believing you have the skills and resources to meet the situation, feeling in control of the event, surrounding yourself with supportive people and reminding yourself of previous experiences in the past that have gone well. This results in people throwing themselves in the task at hand and making clear and decisive decisions.

Conversely, people in the threat state tend to feel quite isolated, focus on what they stand to lose if things goes wrong, are overwhelmed by nerves, tend to worry about looking bad and believe their goals are unobtainable. As a result, they make muddled and confused decisions and even disengage and withdraw from the situation.

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Competition Schedule

Date Tournament Location
1/14-1/16 Winterfest 2 16s, 17s, 18s Hartford
2/3-2/5 NERVA Open Qualifier Springfield
2/18-2/20 Capitol Hill Classic Washington, DC
3/3-3/5 Boston Volleyball Festival Boston
3/12 NERVA 1 TBA
3/26 NERVA 2 TBA
3/31-4/2 Big South Atlanta
4/14-4/16 Northeast Qualifier (16s, 17s) Philadelphia
4/23 NERVA 4 TBA
5/7 NERVA Championships TBA

Recent SMASH 17's News

SMASH @ USAV HP Championships

08/07/2017, 10:45am EDT

Busy summer for SMASH athletes in national pipeline!


SMASH Volleyball Club had a big presence at the USAV High Performance Championships in Fort Lauderdale, FL, contributing 11 of the 33 players selected to the three NERVA Regional HP teams.

Competing in the Women's International Junior division, the New England Girls Junior team featured Jess Jubb and Haley O'Brien from SMASH 18s. 

In the Boys International division, the New England Boys Youth team featured Danny Ho and Cobi Moore from SMASH Boys Volleyball.

In the Girls International Youth division, the New England Girls Youth team recorded the best-ever NERVA HP result, posting a 6-2 match record en route to a 7th place finish.  The team featured athletes from four different SMASH travel teams: Ella Kim, Miska Legatova, and Emma Smallcomb from SMASH 18s, Claire Bialek from SMASH 18s Titans, Amanda Gilbert from SMASH 17s, plus Gabby Goddard and Ashley Wang from SMASH 16s.

SMASH also had athletes taking part in USAV national pipeline programs this summer:

Playing for the USA Junior A1 Red team, Athena Ardila from SMASH 18s finished 4th in the Women's International Junior division with a 7-2 match record at the Fort Lauderdale HP Championships.

Chelsea Simmons from SMASH 16s participated in the USA HP National A2 Invitational in Colorado Springs, CO.

Maegan Hladick from SMASH 16s Kai participated in the USA HP National A3 Training Program in New Orleans, LA. 

SMASH @ AAU Nationals

06/22/2017, 10:45am EDT

Three SMASH teams in Orlando, FL


SMASH Volleyball Club has three teams competing this month at the 44th AAU Girls' Junior National Championships in Orlando, FL.

SMASH 17s and SMASH 15s Power conclude their seasons today, June 22, in 17 Club and 15 Club respectively.

SMASH 18s begin play tomorrow in 18 Premier with a new post-season roster.  

Congratulations on a wonderful season and have an awesome summer!

Make It Reign... 16 & 18 Open Gold Champions!

05/08/2017, 8:45am EDT

SMASH Wins 5 Tournaments at NERVA Championships


SMASH Volleyball Club won 5 of 10 tournaments entered at the 2017 NERVA Championships.

SMASH 18s won 18 Open Gold in Lincoln, RI with SMASH 16s tied for 3rd and SMASH 17s tied for 5th.

SMASH 16s Kai won 16 Open Gold in Derry, NH, edging past SMASH 15s in a single-set final. SMASH 16s Sparks placed 10th.

SMASH 16s eXtreme went undefeated to win a 16AAA tournament in Amherst, NH.

SMASH 14s posted a 9-1 record to win a 16AAA tournament in Kingston, RI, capping the day with a 25-22, 33-31 win in the final.

SMASH 12s Energy were champions of 12A in Kingston, RI.

This is SMASH Volleyball's fifth U18 New England title in the last six years.

This is SMASH Volleyball's fifth U16 New England title in the last six years.

In 2017 SMASH had the highest-ranked 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s (tie), and 18s teams in New England, as well as...

3 of the top 8 juniors teams in New England (18 Gold), and 5 of the top 20.

2 of the top 3 16s teams in New England, and 3 of the top 10.

2 of the top 3 15s teams in New England.

2 of the top 4 14s teams in New England.


Richard Barton

Richard Barton

Head Coach

Kali Joseph

Assistant Coach