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04/09/2018, 8:30am EDT

SMASH Wins Top Level of U14, U16, & U18!


SMASH Volleyball Club travel teams contested nine tournaments at NERVA III on April 8. 

11/16 teams made the semi-finals or higher, with four teams finishing second and three teams placing first. 

SMASH won the highest division in U18, U16, and U14, and placed 2nd in U12!

SMASH currently has 3 of the top 4 teams in New England in both U18 & U16.

Eight SMASH teams will head to Providence next weekend for the inaugural edition of the Rhode Island Rumble. 

SMASH 14s Fire rang up an 8-1 set record in winning 14AA in Weston, MA

SMASH 16s were NERVA III champions of 16 Open Gold in Boston, MA

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