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Spring Forward

03/12/2018, 8:30am EDT

SMASH Wins Five Tournaments At NERVA I


SMASH Volleyball Club won 5 of 10 events entered at NERVA I on March 11, 2018.  SMASH 18s, 18s Jets, SMASH 17s, SMASH 16s, and SMASH 14s all placed first in Sunday's regional tournament action.  11/16 teams made the semi-finals or higher. 

With February's Open Qualification process continuing into the first local tournament date, SMASH will head into NERVA II with three teams each in 18 and 16 Open Gold and one team each in 18 and 16 Open Silver.

SMASH placed 3 teams in the playoffs of 14AA, and SMASH 12s placed second in 12A.  Congratulations to SMASH 10s, who played wonderfully in their first tournament of the season!

Three of the oldest SMASH teams (18s, Jets, 17s) will travel to Denver next weekend for the Colorado Crossroads national qualifier, while the two youngest SMASH teams (10s, 11s) will travel to Concord, MA for a NERVA U11 friendship tournament.

SMASH 18s won 18 Open Gold/Silver

SMASH 18s Jets won 18 Open Bronze/Copper

SMASH 17s won 18 Open Gold/Silver

SMASH 18s Attack placed 2nd in 18 Open Gold/Silver

SMASH 14s won 16AA

SMASH 10s review the game plan with Coach Paige

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