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Remembering Carl McGown

01/08/2017, 4:15pm EST

Volleyball Coaching legend Carl McGown passed away on December 30 at the age of 79, Carl was instrumental in creating many of the teaching methods embraced by SMASH and is a huge inspiration to how our coaches do what they do.

Dr. McGown was a PhD in Motor Learning, won 2 National Championships at BYU, and went to seven Olympics with Team USA.

To get an idea of Dr. McGown's thoughts on coaching, check out a recent interview he gave with the Coach Your Brains Out podcast. 

This is a good listen for players, parents, and coaches as you will get a good scientific explanation for why we do what we do in practice. He was the creator of the Gold Medal Squared coaching clinics.

For more about Dr. McGown, read this story at USA Volleyball. 

"Carl is instrumental to SMASH, the MOST important of all non-SMASH people," Richard Barton said. "He is an icon for coaches and players in the USA and in the world...any or all of these links will help you understand how serious, complicated and exciting volleyball is.  You will get so many ideas."

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