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Sparks Will Fly

By SMASH, 04/10/22, 10:15PM EDT


12s, Fire, Sparks soar @ N4

It's great to see SMASH athletes pushing through the homestretch of the season - way to finish strong! 

Seven SMASH Girls teams entered five NERVA #4 events, winning three.

Deja vu: another 12A podium sweep, but this time with SMASH 12s on top!

Fired up:  back-to-back wins in 15A for 14s Fire!

Sparks ignite: 16s Sparks won 18A!

Close finishes for finalists SMASH 11s and 15s Power, and 12s Energy scored 3rd.

16s Sparks won three tournaments in as many age groups in as many Nerva's...!!!

12A finalists SMASH 12s and SMASH 11s!

14s Fire repeated as 15A champs!

15s Power took 2nd in 16A!