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Camps & Programs

About SMASH In-House Programs

SMASH, for 30 years, has run many different in-house programs. From our skill-specific camps to our Young Athlete Program (YAP) to STAC (formerly League and Skills), SMASH aims to provide quality, "SMASH-level" training year round. 

At SMASH, we adhere to basic, established learning principles such as:

  • "Random," game-like training is superior to blocked, controlled training. This means that all of our practices, skill sessions, camps, etc, there will be a strong emphasis on actually playing volleyball. Research shows this method of training establish a much stronger, deeper level of learning and understanding of skills.
  • Game-like repetitions with SPECIFIC feedback from coaches is the best path to improvement. This means that we will have strong, assertive, energetic coaches for all of our programs. These coaches will give specific, key-based feedback as players go through drills or play games to help players make changes in their technique and improve their skills.
  • Visual representations are best for demonstrating proper technique. This means we will have either coaches, players, or videos of players demonstrate proper technique to players when teaching. Research shows visualizing the goal and seeing the correct way to perform a skill is a very important part of the learning process for young athletes.

At ALL SMASH programs, players can be sure they will be treated as serious athletes in their pursuit to improve in volleyball. We create fun, game-like, positive environments for players where they feel safe to try new things and make some mistakes on their path to being excellent volleyball players!! 

Please see below for more information on our current offerings.